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Map Dota Ver 6.40 ( So damn fast ! )

Download map nya di , atau link langsung : Dota 6.40 – Download Here !

6.40 Changelog

  1. Reworked Neutral Creep abilities and mechanics to better balance them out
  2. Improved Leshrac’s base str
  3. Reduced Chen and THD movement speeds
  4. Mangus’s Shockwave cooldown reduced from 12 to 11/10/9/8
  5. Increased Shadow Fiend’s movement speed
  6. Improved Berserker’s Call AOE by 25
  7. Increased base armor on Harbinger
  8. Lowered initial wait time before drafting starts in -rd
  9. Improved Presence of the Dark Lord AOE
  10. Lowered level 1 Hawk ms and vision
  11. Removed entangle from level 1-3 of Spirit Bear
  12. Reduced Sanity’s Eclipse cooldown from 200 to 160
  13. Fixed Radiance Effect in center of map when Spirit Bear dies with it
  14. Improved HP on Spiderlings
  15. Lowered Siege units armor
  16. Increased Razor’s base damage a bit
  17. Reduced Watcher’s cooldown
  18. Fixed some bugs with Shallow Grave not workling properly on units that morph
  19. Sent and Scourge are now colored in -rd text display
  20. Lowered Hawk HP and gave them bounty
  21. Fixed a rare but serious bug with Geomancer leveling up
  22. Satanic life steal increased from 23% to 25%
  23. Increased Eye of Skadi slow duration from 2 to 3 seconds when used by melee heroes
  24. Restored normal hero name display
  25. Fixed roshan exploit with Geomancer
  26. Reworked Shallow Grave a bit, it has a duration now
  27. You now see a decline message when someone refuses to swaphero
  28. Fixed an old bug with level 3 Elder Form attacking gem
  29. Fixed a few typos

Gila , cepet banget udah keluar lagi yang baru….
Gw aja belum sempet download…. 😦
Jadi ketinggalan banget neh gweee.


January 15, 2007 - Posted by | DotA, Game


  1. I like it because i can’t play. Why? I don’t have any map for it.

    Comment by sarawat | May 12, 2007 | Reply

  2. ชอบมันจิง ๆ ต้องการมันไปเล่นมาก

    Comment by sarawat | May 12, 2007 | Reply

  3. ” Hell yeah DOTA “

    Comment by priyotomo | December 30, 2008 | Reply

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