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Map Dota Ver 6.43 and 6.43b (aduh gw ketinggalan!)

Wah , gw ketinggalan beberapa hari nih , berita 6.43 nya ! Untung ada om gw yang ngasih tau πŸ™‚
Langsung aja deh.. tanpa basa basi πŸ˜€
Download map disini ! Click here for 6.43!
Download map disini ! Click here for 6.43b!

Ralat : Map nya gak bisa di download , tau tuh , malah page not found. Jadi langsung klik aja yang disini..
Download map disini ! Click here for 6.43b!
And, buat map 6.43 nya , udah gak ada juga , jadi cuma ada 6.43b aja. πŸ˜€
Dan ini Changelognya !

6.43b Changelog:

* Fixed some big performance problems lower end machines were having
* Fixed some rare bugs that caused heroes to not revive
* Fixed -swaphero, neutral creep spawn time and initial gold in -xl

6.43 Changelog:

* Added new mode -xl(Extended League Mode)
* Reworked the Roshan Terrain area for improved Sentinel accessibility (lots of miscellaneous tweaks and mechanics to that area have been done beyond simply terrain change)
* Fixed the multiple hero exploit
* Recoded the death timer. It is more accurate now (the display was off before, you don’t revive any faster than you used to)
* Items with armor bonuses no longer stack (Vladmir/Basilius/Assault)
* Fixed a bug with Satanic that was giving it extra life steal
* Fixed some bugs with Mekansm, Morphling Stat Change and Hand of God that caused the death timer to not properly show
* Added Bottle to the new secret shop
* Undid some of the Toughness Aura buff from last version
* Tinker no longer Rearms Arcane Ring
* Slightly reduced creep collision size due to the increased number in the last patch towards the end of the game
* Fixed Sentinel ranged creeps having slightly less regen than Scourge ranged creeps
* Mekansm and Bloodstone now tell the user when they fail to heal him properly due to stacking rules
* Watchers give slightly less gold (due to their new radiance vulnerability last patch)
* Fixed various typos
* Fixed Ring of Basilius ability from working on CotS and Essence Aura
* Song of the Siren properly sleeps units out of its vision
* Items that can be disassembled now tell you when you buy them
* Fixed a bug with chicken that lets you sell unsellable items
* Fixed Throne not providing the lifesteal capability that World Tree does
* Reduced Radiance damage bonus from 70 to 60
* Fixed Phantom Assassin’s Blink Strike range
* Death Board is on by default now (-don)
* Observer Wards last a little longer now
* Reduced Avernus’ movement speed by 5
* Temporarily disabled Meepo in -dm to fix some bugs
* Fixed the Doppelwalk and Lothar’s Edge “0!” text
* The icon for turning Rot off is now more obvious
* Changed Meepo Attribute Bonus from 40% to 25%
* Improved Unstable Concoction (When you cast it, you lock vision on the target while you channel)
* Various nerfs to Alchemist: Acid Spray AOE (700-550), Acid Spray Mana (120->160), Str/lvl (2.4->1.8), Int/lvl (1.5->1.0), Lowered health regen on level 1 ultimate, Greed Stack Duration (20->18), Greed Gold Cap (20->18), Movement Speed (300->290) but level 2 and 3 of his ultimate give him a minor boost back to his normal speed, Slight base armor reduction
* Fixed Cheese to heal the proper amount
* Fixed the creep spawn sound from happening too early in -mm
Note: If you guys haven’t read the 6.42 changelog, I highly recommend you do. It is available at


Ingat , link nya ada di atas ! πŸ™‚


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  1. Download DotA 6.43b AI from Enjoy πŸ˜‰

    Comment by ForYouWithLove | April 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. *menunggu map 6.44 di dota-allstars…

    di situs dota tuh feed bisa dibaca gak?

    Comment by yazuki | May 30, 2007 | Reply

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